Celebrating my Hispanic Culture

Celebrating my Hispanic Culture

November 01, 2022

My dad crossed the border when he was 16 years for a better life.  My mom was raised in Mexico until she was 10 and came to the US for schooling.

My sister and I taught my dad how to read, speak and write English. My dad dreamed of owning his own business one day. Which now he owns a lawn business with my mom.

Some of our family traditions is making tamales every Christmas with all my aunts and cousins. 

I am the first in my mom’s and dad’s family to graduate high school with an acceptance to college.  I am the first to attend and graduate college in my family. For my college graduation my entire family, aunts, uncles and cousin were there to support on this huge milestone.

In our cultural we celebrate dia de los ninos, I spent many years visiting family in Mexico and one of the traditions at my dad’s childhood home is throwing a potluck for the community and children are celebrated and a big party is thrown. 

I also celebrate dia de los muertos.  Every year we place photos of our love ones that have passed away on an offering table.  We place offering and recite prayers.  As a child I grew up decorating the offering table with my siblings.