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Did you know you can Align your Foundation’s Investments with your organization’s Mission & Values?

Sustainable Responsible Investing for Foundations

Many mission-focused organizations are now focusing on their investment portfolios to determine if the investments they own are in conflict with their mission.

Many mission-focused organizations are now including a specific section in their Investment Policy Statement (IPS) that directly addresses Sustainable, Responsible and Impact investing (SRI) and incorporates Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria to deliberately invest their portfolios in a manner that strives to increase the impact of their program and mission.

As mission-focused investors you may have different sets of issues you choose to focus on to align your investments with your values, they are generally a subset of a set of core values. These core values normally include sustainable, responsible impact investing and environmental, social and governance issues.

If you are an Executive Director or Board Member of a Non-Profit Organization or Foundation feel free to reach out to us for a conversation on how you can align your organizations investments with your values and mission. Click on this link to schedule a time for a consultation.


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