Client Testimonials

At Bair Financial Planning, our commitment is to cultivate meaningful connections with our clients, fostering a community of satisfied individuals. Explore a collection of testimonials and video endorsements below, where our clients share firsthand experiences of partnering with us.


Melanie and Lindsay

Bill and Jim

Mia and Margo

“Your purpose and your mission is always to help people, which is really, really great and I really appreciate it” - Michelle

“We appreciate your leadership. You've served multiple generations of our family and we look forward to the next 30 great years...Thank you, and congratulations again” - Marcia

“Everyone has a one-to-one relationship. They're genuinely interested in your story, so they'll make a plan catered directly to you.” - Rachel

“Deeply, our friendship. That's number one. Your unconditional love. Your ability to dive in and ask questions, the hard questions, the playful questions, but mostly they're questions that really, truly get to the core of how I, my wife, Kimmy, could springboard into security and have no fear growing older into our nineties together. So mazel tov. Basically, you've helped me grow in the respect that it really is important to know where my monies are. Yes, money does create security. The greatest pearl of wisdom is to, for you and Victor, to maintain and continue with your unconditional love, kindness, sincerity, transparency, and truly putting your clients in front of everything else to ensure that their life is filled with love, happiness and security for our health as we age. Honestly, we couldn't be more proud and especially to be clients of yours for probably close to 20 years. You are like a family to us and we are so grateful to have you in our lives and that's why we continue to refer people to you as well, family and friends, cuz you guys are honestly the best coach, ethical, honest people, and we love you."Karen & Kim