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  1. Great to see this diverse group of @LPL financial advisors & employees committed to & our own @jleewcg of @WealthCG Keep up the great work!

  2. Many have heard they should avoid probate; do you understand what probate is and how it works? 

  3. Thank you to all our wonderful clients for the trust you give our team to help you and your families.

    Shout out also to our professional partners that help us, help our clients. We appreciate you! 

  4. Home of the free because of the brave! Today we recognize the sacrifices of our nation’s heroes and honor their courageous service. To our military service members, past, present, and future, God bless you and thank you.

  5. Finally a dessert we can all feel great about eating! When you buy your Thanksgiving pie from @MamasKitchenSD you help provide nutritious meals for chronically ill individuals & families in need this holiday season. We think that’s pretty sweet! Join us: 

  6. BairFinancialPlan Retweeted

    - are you seeing clients that worked at @UCSanDiego getting fake accounts opened @Vanguard_Group? This is something we are seeing. Not sure if it's related but there was a earlier in the year@VanceBarse @Ryan_A_Hughes @DefineFinancial @marybstorj

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  7. Financial planning doesn't have to be scary!💀Our team is here to support you. Schedule a call with us today: 

  8. Earnings season can move markets. Find out why. 

  9. Did you know that Certified Financial Planners commit to following a code of ethics and standards set and enforced by the CFP® Board? Discover more reasons to work with a on our blog: 

  10. Should be a fun conversation around this morning. Join if you can!

  11. Low car lease payments look great, but do you really save money in the end? 

  12. As we close out Filipino Amerian History Month we want to celebrate our Filipino clients, team members & friends.
    Learn more below on the rich culture & history of the Filipino community. 

  13. It's and we're curious...Are you a “snowball” person or an “avalanche” person when it comes to tackling your debt? Find out on our blog: 

  14. Nobel-prize-winning investment research. 

  15. Women account for 25% of all computing occupations. Latinas hold a mere 2% of these jobs. Thank you @LatinaGeeks for empowering in tech by sharing technical knowledge, business skills, and entrepreneurship resources. 

  16. A Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) is a financial advisor with superpowers! Don’t believe us? Read about the enhanced financial training and education that make CFP® professionals unique on our Bair Financial blog: 

  17. We would like to recognize Indigenous Peoples' Day. This is a holiday that celebrates and honors Native American peoples and commemorates their histories and cultures.
    Learn more about 

  18. Do your kids have the right stuff for college? 

  19. We had such a great time reconnecting with clients & friends at our Bair Financial Community Appreciation Party at @StoneBrewing. To those who were not able to join, you were missed! Please enjoy this with the Sound ON! 🔉 

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