Community Spotlight: Alberto Cortes of Mama's Kitchen

Community Spotlight: Alberto Cortes of Mama's Kitchen

November 01, 2017

Alberto Cortes loves Mama’s Kitchen so much he has been there for 26 years!

Alberto’s relationship with Mama’s Kitchen began as a Volunteer back in 1991, and he became a Board Member in 2000. He was hired as the Executive Director in 2002, where he has been leading the organization ever since. He has devoted his life to helping those living with HIV/AIDS since he was the bi-lingual receptionist at San Diego AIDS Foundation before joining Mama’s Kitchen.

Mama's Kitchen is the only organization in San Diego County delivering breakfast, lunch and dinner to women, men, and children vulnerable to hunger due to HIV/AIDS, cancer, or other critical illnesses. Mama's kitchen delivers these meals every day of the year, on a county-wide basis, free of charge.

In addition, Mama's Kitchen provides a free pantry program for low-income, HIV positive people who are strong enough to provide for themselves, but who cannot afford to purchase groceries regularly.

We are teaming up with Mama’s Kitchen to raise funds through their “Pie in the Sky” fundraiser. Chefs around San Diego are donating their time to bake delicious pies for your Thanksgiving dinner. 1 pie equals 7 Meals!

While food can be a sign of love, Alberto stresses that food is medicine. For the cost of 1 day in the hospital a person could be provided with a year’s worth of food. There is a direct correlation to improved health through nutritious meals. Mama’s Kitchen is leading the way in educating the public and government officials to raise awareness and support for those living with compromised health and providing nutritious meals.

Mama's Kitchen is committed to fighting HIV/AIDS and cancer through the power of nutrition. Approximately 800 volunteers join 12 paid employees to provide health and hope to an estimated 1,400 San Diego County residents annually.

Mama’s Kitchen routinely wins awards for their commitment to the San Diego community and Executive Director Alberto Cortés, recently accepted the “Nonprofit of the Year” award from state Sen. Ben Hueso in Sacramento.

For more information on Mama’s Kitchen visit their website and find out how you can volunteer your time or donate to this wonderful organization.