Monthly Video Update - February 2020

Monthly Video Update - February 2020

February 01, 2020

HELLO February!

It is time to schedule your annual strategic planning meeting! 🗓️ Victor is still on paternity leave and will return in March just in time to meet with you along with Marci!

You will find links below to both Marci and Victor's calendar to schedule:

Marci In-Person -

Marci Web-Based- 

Victor In-Person -

Victor Web-Based - 

Life is ever-changing, as well as your investment and personal goals. It is important we meet to put together your 2020 game plan and address any questions you have. Plus, we just love catching up with you to help you plan your future.

We hope you get to enjoy the Superbowl between the 49ers and the Chiefs!

Go teams, Go! 🏈🏆