Our Financial Planning Process

As CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professionals, our process begins with getting to know you really well. We want to understand what makes you tick, and what is most important to you personally and financially.

We will create a safe and comfortable environment for you, so you can share not only your financial goals, but also topics that you may be concerned with or scared about. We believe your personal goals and passions are equally as important as your financial ones. Once we know your concerns and objectives, we can help create a custom financial plan to help you work towards accomplishing them.

Through our refined Bair Financial Planning 7 Step process we are able to help you identify your personal and financial goals. We will help you organize and prioritize your goals, then create a game plan to help you work towards accomplishing them. We will meet regularly throughout the years, and support you as your personal and professional life changes. We will set up your personal financial website to help you get organized and stay organized. Watch this quick video for a demonstration.

Life In A Box

View this quick video to see how we will set up a Personal Financial Website for you
to view all of your assets in on place and track your goals and view your spending.

The Bair 7 Step Process

Understand Client’s Personal & Financial Circumstances

We will review your personal and financial goals and talk about what’s important to you and understand your personal situation.

Identifying & Selecting Goals

We will confirm that we have your short-term & long-term goals identified. In this step we set up your Personal Financial Planning website and start gathering and reviewing your financial documents.

Analysis - Data Integrity & Strategy Session

In this step we will confirm the data we have is correct. We will confirm your goals and prioritize them in order of importance to you. Review your current course of action and potential alternative courses of action.

Developing the Financial Plan

Our team will create your Financial Plan based on your personal situation and produce what we believe to be the best recommendations for you. We will develop an Action List for you to help you works towards your financial independence.


At this stage we will present your custom Financial Plan to you and answer all of your questions. We will make sure you understand how to use and update your Personal Financial Planning website.

Implementation of Recommendations

We will review your Action List of our recommendations. We will help you start checking items off your Action List that you need to complete in order to seek to improve your financial independence and manage your goals.

Monitor Progress & Update

This is a critical step to ensure you are staying on track and updating your Financial Plan on a regular basis as life changes and adjust your Financial Plan as needed.